Wisconsin Lions 
                 Youth Exchange

MD-27 Youth Exchange Participants General Program Guidelines

"Some basic rules for guests attending camps and family hosting in MD-27"


Youth Exchange contributes to a better understanding of people of other countries. You will take part in the daily life of host families and of a camp.  Please accept and participate in learning and sharing cultures. Please read some simple rules below to help make your experience more enjoyable:


English is our common language. It is spoken by the host families and at camp.  You should be able to speak English conversationally.
This program calls for an OPEN MIND.  Make an effort to COMMUNICATE openly with all the people you meet. This means much more than just by responding, "yes", "no", or, "I don't know".  YOU must be willing to participate. YOU are expected to be highly MOTIVATED.
You are NOT IN A TOURISM PROGRAM! You will get to see many fine places.  Be happy to see what is offered and do not make unrealistic requests.

Culture shock may occur.  DO NOT JUDGE by first appearance. Wait a few days before reacting and then contact your MD-27 Youth Exchange Chairperson to request a move. DO NOT CALL YOUR PARENTS!  We are here to help you have an enjoyable experience while your parents are thousands of miles away.


You will be provided with phone numbers to contact the Wisconsin Youth Exchange Chair in your district. They will be your first contact to help resolve issues.

One way to prevent conflicts is to prevent them in the first place.  You wrote a short letter to the host family and will be given contact information to get in touch with them. Use this communication to further expand your knowledge of each other and determine if you are compatible BEFORE your arrival.
The Wisconsin Lions YCE program follows a 4 D policy of:

              No Drinking of alcohol

              No Driving of motorized vehicles

                 No use of Illegal Drugs (US Laws apply)

                 No Dating is permitted.

 Violation of any of the 4 D's is cause for immediate dismissal and return home at your  expense.

SMOKING in Wisconsin is illegal for those under the age of 18.  Smoking MUST be discussed with your host family prior to arriving and at camp is only allowed in the designated area.

Be prepared to PRESENT INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY to your host family and to the other youths at camp.  WE DO NOT HAVE INTERNET at camp. LAPTOPS and a PROJECTOR will be provided at camp to assist in making a presentation. Some of our best presentations do not use Prezi or PowerPoint. Tourism videos are not preferred. Campers want to hear from YOU about your country.  A short skit about a custom from your country, a dance, singing a song, wearing ethnic clothing, sing your national anthem, small gifts to hand out or any combination of these are good things to do.  Think of it as a 10 minute time to have fun telling us about your country.

Watch this video to see some examples of what has been done already.

Bring pocket money of about $100US per week. There is no fee for the camp or for the host family.  VISA Debit cards are the best options. CHIP cards are not widely accepted in the USA as of 2015.Travelers checks are NOT recommended!

EAT WHAT YOU ARE OFFERED unless prohibited by your religion or for health reasons. Dietary concerns should be agreed upon before your arrival.  Wisconsin offers many ethnic varieties of food.

Before use of PHONE, WiFi, OR E-MAIL ask for permission and offer to pay for calls by calling card or "collect".  Do not abuse this privilege.

Offer to help in the kitchen, garden, etc.  Keep your sleeping quarters clean and neat.

Youths must stay with the host family assigned to them and obey their rules.

      Have fun!                      Have fun!                       Have fun!                   
Join the CAMP NO LATER THAN 4 pm of the first day.
At no time is it permissible for boys to enter girl’s cabins or vice versa.

All campers are required to complete the whole program. No leaving the camp or group without permission.

You are going to meet new friends from other countries. MIX WITH ALL OF THEM; do not form a group with the other participants of your country or language.

     Have fun!                        Have fun!                      Have fun!  

By accepting our invitation, you are responsible to do your best to follow these guidelines. Your cooperation will contribute to the success of our program.


Please click on the link below to confirm you have read and will observe the rules of the program.


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